What is clever personalization?

So, what is clever personalization?

Personalization means the opportunity to insert personal client's information in every email message you send.

Clever personalization is a substitution of personal information by some criteria. This means that, depending on the content in the variables, certain information will be sent.

All clever variables depend on the value you select. It can be:

  • is empty
  • equals
  • doesn't equal
  • contains
  • doesn’t contain
  • starts with
  • ends with
  • more than
  • equals or more than
  • less than
  • equals or less than

Criteria are set as follows: if the variable value {{title}} is empty/equals/doesn’t equal and so on, then Text 1 is sent, and in other cases, Text 2 is sent.

For instance, if variable «Name» contains «John», then the email can be sent with such greeting: "John, we have good news for you" (the text specified by the user), and if there is no data in the «Name», then such a message can be sent, "We have good news for you" (again, the text is specified by the user).

You can use clever personalization in:

  • the subject line

Subject line creation:

The personalized subject line in the inbox of your recipients will be as follows:

  • if there was information in «Name»:

  • if there was no information in «Name»:  

  • the text body

Adding criteria at the text body creation stage:

The personalized text in the inbox of your recipients will be as follows:

  • if data in “City” was “New York”:

  • if data in “City” was different:

Here are a few examples:

  1. Personalization by location.

If the client’s city is NY: Free one-day delivery.

Else: Delivery varies for items shipped from an international location.

  1. Personalization by date/age.

If the date is “more than”:  It’s time to buy presents for your grandkids.

Else: It’s time to buy presents for your children.

Figure out your own variants of personalization depending on the type of your business and collected information about subscribers, and get bigger profit from your email campaigns.