SendPulse Email Plugin for WordPress

With this plugin, you can add a newsletter subscription form to your site. Each new subscriber will be added to your mailing list. The plugin lets you start sending marketing and transactional emails immediately, using SendPulse email service.


How to install the plugin?

Navigate to the menu item "plugins" and enter SendPulse in the search bar. Choose the plugin "SendPulse Email Marketing Newsletter" and install it. After a plugin will be installed click "SendPulse" in the menu's section "Settings".


Open a new tab in the browser and sign in to your account in SendPulse. You should open account settings and click API tab. Activate REST API and click "Save". After these steps, the API ID and Secret will be created.


Then copy API ID and Secret into the fields "Client ID" and "Client Secret" in the tab "API Settings" in WordPress.



Select a mailing list in the drop-down menu "Default Address Book". Email addresses from subscription forms on your site will be collected to this email list.



How can you add a subscription form to your site?

You can add the subscription form to the site using [sendpulse-form] tag, as in the image.



It will be displayed on your site like in the example below.


Creating a subscription form with your corporate colors and fonts

You can add your own CSS styles for the subscription form using custom classes. Change the color, select the font you like and its size. For designing your own subscription form go to "Settings" → "SendPulse" → "Visual appearance" and add your own CSS styles. To save changes click the button "Save Changes".



Importing emails  from WordPress to mailing lists in SendPulse 

Select "SendPulse" in the menu item "Settings" and open the tab "Import". Here you need to specify your mailing list in SendPulse. All email addresses will be uploaded to this list from WordPress. Select the group of users in the field "Import Users Group" for import. Then save all settings by clicking the button "Save changes". 



Now you can collect subscribers' emails and automate your email campaigns from your site in WordPress. 


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