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SendPulse Email Marketing Module for Opencart

The module allows sending email campaigns to all your customers.  A great advantage of this module is its function to maximize your emails open rate. SendPulse's artificial intelligence system increases open rates by over 60%. 

Download SendPulse Email Marketing Module for Opencart

How to install the plugin?

Open the item "Extensions" in the main menu and select "Modules".



From the list below, choose "SendPulse" and click "Edit" on the icon located on the right side. 



Then open a new tab in the browser and sign in to your account in SendPulse. You should open account settings and click API tab. Activate REST API and click "Save". After these steps, the API ID and Secret will be created. 



Copy ID and Secret to the "API settings" in Opencart. 


Export email addresses from Opencart to SendPulse


To export your emails from Opencart to SendPulse you should select an email list in a field "address book" and click the button "Export".


The successful result will be displayed on your computer with a notification "Clients' data was uploaded successfully". The plugin will show you the number of uploaded email addresses.


Start sending emails to your customers in Opencart with SendPulse plugin now.