SendPulse Chat Bot for Slack

To ensure customer's convenience using SendPulse we're happy to present our SendPulse Chat Bot as an App for Slack. Slack is a messenger for team collaboration. You can use it for exchanging files, images, PDFs, and other documents. SendPulse has developed Chat Bot for Slack with two-way interaction.  

A user can ask Slack bot to send emails, web push notifications and add new emails to your email list. You can also ask bot to give a statistics report on sent email campaigns. All information about opens in email, marked as spam messages and unsubscribed users can be shown in chat by bot.


Read more about this App and about commands that chat bot can perform for you in this article.

How to add an App?

To start using a personal assistant chat bot you need to log in to your account in SendPulse and click the next link . Click "Add to Slack".



Select a needed channel and confirm access by clicking "Authorize."




Add chat bot to the channel by typing  into the field of message:

/invite @sendpulse


You can invite to this channel users who will launch email and web push campaigns.  In order to do it just type into the field of message: 

/invite@user (user means a username)




Click the button "Command list" to see the list of commands that you can use.


The menu with buttons of commands

When you open "Command list" you will see a list of several commands displaying on buttons.



Let's quickly look at each of them.


  • Information

This button displays information about an application SendPulse Chat Bot
 and shows all the commands available for interaction with chat bot. 


  • Balance and tariff

It shows current state of account.


  • Autoresponders

It shows the list of your predefined series of messages.


  • Campaigns

This button shows the list of sent mailings. To see additional information on each mailing click "Details". 




Chat bot can send you information about how many messages were sent and delivered. Chat bot can also provide a report in case when email campaign had errors in sending, unsubscribed users, and spam complaints.


  • Sender names

It shows email addresses and your sender names.


  • Address books

It gives information about all your email lists. It includes the data when the email list was created, the number of emails, and the number of active and inactive users in it.



  • Websites 

This button shows the list of sites for web push service.


  • Templates

This button is needed when you want to look through your email templates. Chat bot will show you a small preview of each template.





Chat bot gives details about date when email template was created and the file size. You can preview and edit email templates.



How to send email with a help of chat bot?

In the message field type and send the following command:


 /sendpulse_send from_name <name> title <title> time <now>


It means:

<name> - a name of sender
<title> - an email's subject line
<now> - sending without delays.


If you want to send email at another time specify the date of sending in this format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss (2017-04-25 12:48:55). Here is an example of command activation:


/sendpulse_send from_name Tessa title Hello world! time 2017-04-25 12:48:55



Then chat bot will ask you to select an email template from the variety you created before. 



Select a template and affirm your choice in a pop-up window.




Then chat bot will ask you to choose address books to send email campaign.




Chat bot will let you know in a message about sending your email.


Choose a button "Campaign" in a menu of commands for getting statistics on sent email campaign.


How to send web push notification with a help of chat bot?

To send web push you need to type and send the following command in the field of message:


/sendpulse_sendpush title <title> text <text> [link <link>]


It means:

<title> - a title of a web push notification
<text> - a text of a message in web push
<link> - a link on a message in web push. 


Here is an example of command activation:

How to add email address to email list?

Type and send the following command in the field of message:


/sendpulse_add email 


Here is an example of command activation:


Chat bot will ask to select email list.




Chat bot will add email.
If you enter an invalid email, slack bot will warn you.



Here is Slack bot’s answer:



You can enter other commands to chat bot.

Here is a list of all commands that are available in application.

A command to get account information.


A command to add address to email list.


A command to get a list of sent email campaign.


A command that shows a list of all buttons of available commands. So you could enter commands automatically not typing them manually.


A command that shows senders' emails.


A command that shows detailed information about this application.


A command to get address books


A command that helps you to send emails from your name at a date and time you specify.
/sendpulse_send from_name <name> title <title> time <now>


A command that helps you to send web push notifications
/sendpulse_sendpush title <title> text <text> [link <link>]


A command that helps you to get a list of your email templates


Command input options

Instead of entering commands, you can simply communicate with our chat bot. For example if you have to add a contact to email list these two input options are both suitable:

@sendpulse lists


Try our SendPulse Chat Bot today and see how easily and quickly you can send mailings from your chat.

Start using Chat Bot now!