To get started with SendPulse plugin in your online shop based on WordPress and WooCommerce, find "SendPulse WooCommerce" and install it.



Activate it after instalation.



You have to set the plugin after its ctivation. Click the appropriate button to do that.  



Plugin settings



Check "Enable Sendpulse Emailservice". Copy API Secret and API ID from your personal account in SendPulse and paste these data to the corresponding fields.  



After saving the entered data, select the address book for customers export.


Also you have to choose at what stage of order processing emails will be transferred to SendPulse:


  • Order created
  • Order processing
  • Order completed


If you want your customers leave their emails for the future mailings - check "Display Opt-In Field". You can specify the text next to the checkbox (or use the default one), as well as a place where it will be located: billing or order.