After the delivery is done the statistics are collected. Every email-delivery report is the opportunity to improve your next campaign. To review the statistics click the tab “My campaigns”, choose a campaign and go to “Campaign statistics”.

Campaign statistics: Two graphics are displayed: email campaign statistics and subscriber activity chart.



Opens by location: The number of opened letters in each separate country is displayed.


Clicks map: The number of unique clicks on each separate link or image with the link is displayed.


Devices: displayed the number of opened emails on the desktop or mobile device, across platforms and in browsers.

Error statistics: The percentage of potential delivery errors (recipient address does not exist or is temporarily unavailable, mailbox full etc.).

Domains: The number of delivered (also in percentage), read emails and the number of clicks for each domain is displayed.


Google Analytics: SendPulse supports Google Analytics server that allows tracking the website visitors (their location and actions at the site) and the results of your marketing campaign.

Select external statistics tracking in the third step of email campaign creation and fill in all the defined fields.

It is necessary to have a Google Analytics account and add the tracking code to all the pages of your website if you choose the "external statistic" checkbox.