How to export campaign results?

SendPulse allows exporting two types of data: email addresses and the statistics of the campaign.

Exporting email addresses

To export email addresses means to save the addresses of the recipients from the address book attached to the current campaign.

Select "My campaigns" menu item, select address book of a particular campaign and then click “Export" button.

Email addresses are saved as *.xls, *xlsx or *.csv files without current statuses. If you wish to save specific email addresses only you should use filter options to select the necessary addresses according to their statuses.

If you specified any filter options before they are also valid on generating the report.

As a result you will get the report file of the specified format with the list of recipients email addresses.

Besides there is an opportunity to export any address book content (email addresses) from “Address books” menu item.

Exporting statistics

“My campaigns” menu item -> select campaign -> “Campaign statistics” tab -> “Export” button.

The report will contain all the statistics data from three charts: campaign statistics, delivery statistics, and error statistics.

The *.csv or *.pdf report file is generated on pressing “Export” button. It will contain all the statuses and the number of email addresses corresponding to the statuses.