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How to create your own unsubscribe page

To create your own unsubscribe page, go to “Settings → Unsubscribe pages → Add a new unsubscribe page”.

Unsubscribe page creation

1. Enter the name of the unsubscribe page

This name will be visible and understandable only to you. Subscribers who will get onto your unsubscribe page will not see this parameter.

The page name will be displayed in the general list of all the pages you have created.

2. Page title

The page title is visible for subscribers. This field is mandatory to fill in, the meaning of which should be clear to customers. You may use either text or logo.

3. Favicon

Another element that will visually connect the unsubscribe page and the style of your site is favicon.

This is the icon of your site that will be displayed in the browser tab before the name of the created unsubscribe page.

This field is optional.


This is an example of a created unsubscribe page.


The design of the unsubscribe form on the unsubscribe page is set by default and cannot be changed.

You can select a "default" unsubscribe page by ticking the appropriate option, and it will be linked to all of your email newsletters.

Important! In order for the unsubscribe page to become active, and the reference to it used in an email mailing, you must send it for moderation and wait for approval from the administration of the service.