How to create a subscription form

Subscription form


Subscription notification



  1. To create a new form, go to “Settings – Subscription forms – Create a new form”.

Write the Form name, select an address book where emails of new subscribers who filled in the form will be added.
You can create a new address book or choose an already existing one.


     2. Using our editor you can create a unique signup form that will agree with the design of your site.



Let’s start with a title.

Text, color, alignment, font family, size and weight – these parameters can be edited in the Title element.



Describe what your subscriber will get, why they may want it, and how often they will be contacted. Don’t simply write “Subscribe”.

The editor has standard features for editing text.



This block in the editor is divided into 3 parts:

  • Block where the button is placed (block parameters)
  • Text of the button (text parameters)
  • The button itself (button settings)

Each part has its own parameters for editing.


Input field

This element specifies an input field where the user must enter personal data (name, email, etc.).

NB! Create the minimum number of fields and request only the information from the client that will be used.

Be sure to tie the field to a variable. his means that in the address book there will be an additional column created with the specified variable. And the information in this column (name, city, order number, etc.) can be used to personalize your email messages in future.


Dropdown list

This is not a mandatory element in the form.
It is an additional opportunity to find out more about the interests of your target audience and each client separately.

Pay attention to the parameter “Link with variable”:

  •     Data that the user has chosen will be added to the address book as a separate column (with a name of the variable).

You’ll be able to use this data for segmentation in future.

In the screenshot, for example, customers are asked to select one of the themes.

This is a criterion for segmentation of the list. One part of the list will receive informational newsletters, and another part will receive promotional newsletters according to their choice.

The same principle works for elements "Check mark" and "Choice". You offer your potential clients the ability to mark the most interesting and important information that will be added to your address book as separate columns.

   3. Form design

This is the final step.

You can design a form according to the requirements of your website (background color, border color, size etc.).


   4. Check the information

Press the button “Next step” and go to the page where you will get a HTML code of your signup form for placing it on the site, and your signup form URL.




Service subscription forms have a double opt-in system. This means that your client goes through several steps and confirms his wish to receive and read your newsletters:


  1. Client fills in the subscription form
  2. Client sees the subscription notification about the email message with a confirmation link that has been sent to his email address after he clicks the ‘Subscribe’ button
  3. Client receives the message with a confirmation link, follows the link and is directed to the ‘thanks page’ for him becoming your subscriber


Subscription Notification


You can customize and edit this subscription notification on the last step of subscription form creation.




Subscription notification elements:

  1. Notification header
    Your header should be understandable for a user. Explain to your subscriber the notification type and theme.
  2. Notification text
    Explain in the notification text that the client will get an email notification with a confirmation link. Point out to the client that he needs to open and read your message and click the notification link. Only after doing these actions will your client become your subscriber and receive your newsletters.




Notification type


You can choose one of two notification types according to your needs.


1. In the modal window


This notification has a standard design as you can see in the screen below.



The notification is presented in the form of a modal window that appears over your website page.


You can change the notification header and text, but you cannot change the design.


That’s why if the green with grey colors and striped background do not match your website, you’d better choose another notification type (at the subscription form stage).


2. At the subscription form stage


This kind of notification replaces the filled subscription form and has the appearance of a simple text message.



As already mentioned, you can edit the message content.


Such a simple text notification will match any kind of website design.