How to create your own template

With SendPulse you can easily create emails with the help of the new drag-and-drop editor.


The main advantages of this are:


  • You can add the necessary block or element just by dragging and dropping it.
  • You can easily edit each element (change color, style, size and so on).
  • You don’t need special knowledge to work with the editor.


Go to the tab “Email templates” -> “Add a template”.



The service has several options for creating email messages.

In this case we will talk about the drag-and-drop editor.


Select the template base structure


Imagine an email that you want to send to your recipients and choose the template layout.



In this example we will talk about a "News" template.


In the editor, the left part contains elements that can be added to the template and in the middle represents the initial template that you will edit by adding and changing elements.



The editor has 6 groups of elements:


  1. Text element
  2. Picture
  3. Button
  4. Delimiter 
  5. Video
  6. Social networks


           1. Text element

Choose the “Text” block and drag it to the template.



As a result you will see text in the block and options for editing to the right.


All changes are made right in the template. You can see how the text changes in real-time depending on your alterations

Options available for text editing:


  • text color
  • background color
  • font size and style
  • font family and alignment
  • line height


Variables are also added in the text editor (use the “Variables” tab with a dropdown list).



NB! If you want to copy and paste your text to the editor, we recommend to do this from a simple text file (.txt). Otherwise, the editor may copy styles from your Word file. This won’t do any good.


There are separate block parameters that can be edited: background color and margins (text indent from block edges: top, bottom, left and right).


Change the font size and style, add a background color for the block and set the margin. The result will be here like this:



Text block, as any block in the template, can be copied, deleted, or moved to another location.


           2. Images


“Image” element

Click on the “Image” element and drag it to the template.



The image can be added in two ways:


  • Uploaded from the disc
  • Selected from the gallery (among those images you have already loaded into the service)



The image will appear in the template after you upload it or select it from the gallery.


Parameters of each image can be changed:


1) Image title (alternative text)

There are times when a mail client will not show images in emails. In this case, a text will be shown instead of your image.

If you do not specify the image title, then the name of the file will be displayed. This will be unclear for the recipient and suspicious for spam filters.

Therefore, we recommend that you specify a clear title for each image.

2) Image size

Each image added to the template has a default size of 100%.

You may change the size from 100% to 10%.

3) Alignment

The position of the picture is relative to the edges of the block in which it is located.

4) Margin

The image is indented from block edges (top, bottom, left and right)


5) Set background color

Note, this parameter sets the background color for the block in which the image is located.

6) Border

Do you want your image to be framed? Choose “Border” -> “Yes” in the drop down list, and then specify the color and width of the frame.

See the changes in the template in the real time.

7) Make the image a link

To make an image a hyperlink, choose “Make as a link” -> “Yes”. From two variants choose: Link to a page or Email address.

NB! Always specify the full link to the page, starting with http://


3. “Button” element


Click on the element and drag it to the template.


This block contains two elements: the button itself and the text. At first you should specify the most important thing here – the link to the page that the button will lead to and the text on the button. You can choose the style of the button that you like, change the size, height, color and alignment. 


Bright calls to action give you an additional chance that the subscriber will notice your button and press it in order to go to your site.


5. “Video” element


If you need to add a video, specify the link and a screen shot of the video will appear in the template. By clicking on it, the recipient will be redirected to the page with this video.



6. Social links


Drag the block to your template. You can select design of them, add and delete buttons, add link to the buttons.



“Preheader” element


The Preheader is text that subscribers see right after the subject of your email.


Choose this element in the "Add new section - preheader" and drag it to the template.



By default, the "Preheader" element consists of two elements:


  • Column 1 - preheader
  • Column 2 - web version of the email (also you can add web-version from the variables)


“Footer” element

The Footer is what comes at the end of your emails. It is a block with contact information (address, telephone number, website etc.) and other useful information for your subscribers.


You can add this element to your template, change the text and set the parameters. ("Add new section - Footer")



You can change the text, add information about your company and set the background color of the entire block.



“Unsubscribe” element

Add the “Unsubscribe” element from the variables. Select the type of unsubscribe link that will be displayed in your email.



NB! If you want to use your own unsubscribe link in an email, it should be created in advance. (“Settings” -> “Unsubscribe links”).

If you have not created any unsubscribe links, a default link will be added to the template. As for editing parameters, in this block you can change:

  • Color (text and background)
  • Font (family, size, weight)
  • Text alignment (left, center, right)
  • Margin
  • Line height