How to Create a New Autoresponder

To create a new automated series, go to the corresponding menu in your Member Area.



You can create two types of autoresponders:

  • A series after the user subscribes or is added to the list.
  • Sending an automated email on (or also before or after) the date set in a variable, for example on recipient's birthday.


To create the first type of autoresponder, click "Create an autoresponder." If you want to create the second type, click "Create an email based on a date."



Fill in all the necessary fields: series name, a mailing list, a "from" email address, and the sender's name. Also select days and times for sending (for example, Monday through Friday at 9 AM).


If you want your series of messages included not only in emails but also in SMS and push notifications, tick the appropriate option ("Activate PUSH" and "Activate SMS").


In order to have an opportunity to send push notifications, it is necessary to transfer the email addresses of the users who subscribed to your site. More...


For sending SMS, you need to have phone numbers in your mailing lists set by the variable {{phone}}.


Creating the first chain in the series of messages.



First of all, select the message type: email or SMS. The first message cannot be a push notification.


Then, select the sending time: immediately after getting into the mailing list or after a certain time.


Fill in the email subject, select (or create) an email template, and fill it with the text.


You can add triggers to this chain of messages. This could be the trigger after the opening of the first message, after the recipient clicks on the link, or if the email was not opened.


If you decide to add a trigger, you need to again select the type of the message, the time of its sending, the subject, and the template and fill it with the text. You can also prepare templates in advance, and then add them into a chain.



When you have finished creating the first element in a series of emails, you can begin to build the second. To do this, click on "New message." Then you can create an unlimited number of links (with trigger emails).