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Recognizing your unique subscribers in the system

Sendpulse, our email service, allows you to send an unlimited amount of emails to your subscribers. The amount of subscribers is up to the tariff plan you choose.


For example, you could send emails to 500 subscribers during one month by choosing the ‘Subscription 500’ plan.


The list of unique subscribers

You can see the menu bar on the left side of your screen. Choose ‘Mailing list’ and you’ll find ‘The list of unique subscribers’ button. If you click it you will see the list of subscribers you sent emails to in the current billing period.



When your tariff plan is activated, or when your last payment is sent, the unique addresses you send your first mail to are put in ‘The list of unique subscribers’. The list is blank when the current period is over, so you have to create a new list of unique subscribers when you choose your new tariff plan.


How to recognize your unique subscribers in the system

The total amount of your unique email addresses should not be more than is stated on the tariff plan you choose. It doesn’t depend on the amount of created address books.


The system recognizes the uniqueness of every contact through the list of unique subscribers:

  • If you send your emails through the address book and these addresses are on your unique subscribers list, your emails are sent according to the tariff plan.
  • If there’s a new address added to the address book list and it’s not in the unique subscribers list, then the system automatically adds it to the list of unique subscribers (if the number of unique subscribers is not reached according to the chosen tariff plan).
  • If you’re trying to send emails to the new subscribers and you’ve already reached the allowed number of unique subscribers, then you could change the tariff plan to the most suitable for you.