How to send SMS

To start creating SMS campaigns, click "Create a campaign" on the main page and select "Send SMS".



 You will then see the form you have to fill in.


 "SMS from": Enter the sender's name in Latin letters (maximum 11 characters or digits). No other characters are allowed.


 "SMS text": Write your message here. You may use any letters you want. To get better delivery, we recommend you send messages combined from no more than six parts.


 "Recipients": If you created a mailing list with phone numbers, you can select it from the list. If you do not have such a list, then you can enter the recipients manually.


"Send SMS": Select whether you want to send your message immediately or schedule it for some other date. 


After you create a message, you can see how it will look on a mobile device. To do this, click on the "Preview" button to the right of the sender's name.



After you have filled in all the fields, click "Send".